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Refused to price war only because of good quality automatic level without box molding machine

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As a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, Guangzhou Cast Wang has been playing an important role in the casting industry, in just two years to help more than 100 enterprises to achieve full automation. Through years of practice and improvement, Guangzhou cast Wang is committed to customers to build the best quality of the domestic automatic level box-free molding machine, service attitude to maintain the best condition.


 In the national economy and the overall environmental changes, the requirements of any product more and more harsh, appearance, quality, price has become the product of high and low end of the bar code, in these three points, the most important quality, one The high and low end of the product depends entirely on the quality of good or bad. If a business in the production of products, the quality requirements can not keep up with the trend of the market, so long time will be eliminated by the market. There is a short product life, practicality is not a fatal weakness. We have been casting the castle in Guangzhou for more than 10 years, has always attached great importance to the quality of production, because we know that does not fight the price war only catch the quality of the product to make the company develop better and better. Because of the focus so professional.


Of course, there are many customers simply goods than the goods can not recognize the difference between the product, simply say that the practicality of a product is required to wait until the specific time to know, our automatic level without box molding machine can be applied to Now most of the foundry, sand can be up to more than 100 kinds of products, the outer layer is also used to deal with strict price of iron, the appearance of solid but without losing the beauty. Internal parts of our important components to take the top foreign imports of technology, Schneider components, the Japanese oil research system, Japan's Mitsubishi controller, etc. ... ... both inside and outside make more powerful, leading technology, error rate failure rate is low. More one-on-one tracking service, so you can stay home to experience the convenience of home maintenance.


With the development of society, machinery is to replace manpower, we "cast king" is a professional production of automatic level molding machine, has been in this industry leader, won a total of more than 10 patents, more suitable for some customers, more Good solution to their problems, more practical to meet the needs of most of the foundry, to help them solve their own problems. At present, we mainly do the automatic level of the molding machine sandbox specifications are: 700mmx600m, 600mmx550mm, 600x500mm, 520mmx420m various specifications, can also be customized according to customer needs. Www.zw3835.com

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