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King automatic molding machine About Us Refining the perfect

Guangzhou Zhuwang Machines and Equipent Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Zhuwang Machines and Equipent Co., Ltd. Chuwang Machines is the faouse model of clay sand manufacturer in China.Our customers are from all over the country.We got high appreciation from many customers with our advanced technology,excellent craftmanship and good service. Zhuwang launch new models continually, we launched 7 kinds of horizontal sand shooting single section molding machines:1000x1000,850x750,750x650, 700x600,600x550,600x500,520x420.Then we launched the vertical sand shooting double stations molding machine 600x700, and vertical sand shooting single station 500x600, 550x600 this year. Zhuwang is a good assistant for most of foundry company,we solve many modle problems for them.

King automatic molding machine ProductsRefining the perfect

  • T16 420*520 Molding machine

  • T18 500*600 Molding machine

  • T181 550*600 Molding machine

  • T19 600*700 Molding machine

  • Fully automatic duplex Molding machine

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King automatic molding machine Customer product case Refining the perfect

King automatic molding machine Customer sand mold case Refining the perfect


Advanced equipment

machine instead of manpower machine instead of manpower, perfect solution is difficult,

Easy operation,

1 styling machine over 10 stylists

Increases production efficiency by 10x, reduces production time by 10x, Reduces production costs by 10x


Factory outlet price concessions

Price Offer

Build China's Molding Brand, Build Your Own Molding Machine


Quality assurance of imported materials

Integer components use the world's most stable imported brand

The whole structure uses a nodular casting

Run smooth, demounting, Casting finish


Value-added services, worry-free

full-time warranty for one year, global provide technical support and maintenance, provide tracking service throughout

has more than 10 patents for inventions, effectively meet the diverse needs of diversified customers

Free on-site survey, regular customer return visit, on-site installation, guidance, free operation training

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